Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interview with BESO TV

I am super excited about tomorrow and my little interview with Beso Tv. They want to see my studio and ask me about my inspiration for babyburrito and what drives me. I am kinda giddy because I remember being a little girl and always wanting to be a fashion designer and would see designers on TV being questioned about "what inspired you?" And designers would pull these off the wall inspirations for their said collections. I thought yeah wow!
The truth is when I think of what inspires me I realize it's my sons, children books, art history, art, Asia- especially Japan- the internet, culturally diverse clothing, traveling and own my imagination, you do realize that one idea starts and forms another and another and before you know it you are 180 degrees from where you started but it is now your very own.
I love what I do, I want to do it more and more often. So I guess I just want to say thank you to all those people and stores out there who like what I do and have a little babyburrito in their lives. From one dreamer to another.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas in October

Here is a little lookie lookie at my Winter/Christmas snowperson snowglobe sleepsack now available, worn by my lil'guy Phoenix- he's entered the work force ;-) He looks so darn cute if I do say so myself, and I most certainly do! Call me biased.

In our household we have a tradition of getting the boys a Christmas pajama every year, so I decided to make sure I offered something festive at babyburrito for this coming snowy season. As it is also Phoenix's first Christmas.

What's great about our sleepers is the fabric is organic cotton and bamboo-giving it a soft touch similar to cashmere, also offering quick diaper change solutions as well as little mittens to keep them from scratching themselves. Great ease of movement within the sack- even those crawling or walking babies can still scoot around if you just rise the elastic from the hem to sit on their hips. Easy in and out with the kimono style opening for those messy changes- nothing needs to go over their head. Created right here in Quebec - trying to ease our carbon footprint - one step at a time.

The little snow globe is filled with a snow person hugging another baby snow person. Tis the season to show love and affection- so go and hug another snow person(well in a few months maybe)- or better yet a real person/baby- much warmer. Have yourself a merry day from babyburrito.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Beginnings

Wow- summer is officially over and long live Autumn!! I love the colours the smells and the temperature. We call it sweater weather in our household.

I have been procrastinating a lot- guilty as charged but now I can no longer ignore, it is that time again to start a new collection. I have enjoyed spending most of my time with my 8 month old Phoenix and his older brother Aidan- this summer was gorgeous and I played hooky!!

Sadly I was unaware that one of my fabric sources: SYKA Textiles out of British Columbia had closed its doors this past year. Very sad news, as not only were they progressive in offering a wide variety of organic fabrics but Susan Gagnon, one of the owners was such a pleasure to work with and offered wonderful customer service that was hard to beat. Wishing them both luck as I am sure our paths will cross again.

So now on to our new collection, I have decided to share where I buy my organic fabric with all of you out there as I find people are so tight-lipped about sources and hence you see what can happen to a great company. So if you are looking for amazing organic fabrics try Manoir Inc. Right here in Montreal and milled here as well- I could not be happier to help support a Canadian milling company, a rarity these days.

So be ready to see some new sleepers, summer hats and you'll have to wait to see what else.

Hint: meerkats, elephants and pirates oh my!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Sling Sale!!!

For all you bodacious babes and proud papas, we're offering our XL and XXL slings for an incredibly low price of $29.99. Head over to Etsy to purchase them. Enjoy summer hands free!

Yes the sale of all sales is finally here on our web store. We've slashed our sling prices from 74.99$ to 64.99$ for the summer months. So pick one up and see how easy it makes running errands with your little bundles as well as getting stuff done in your homes. I especially use mine when I am running in and out of my car as it can be a real upset for my son, once in the sling all the jostling is long forgotten as the cuddles replace a car seat.

One thing I have noticed that is hard to find in a carrier is one that allows you to sit down while your baby is in it. Well I am happy to say if you place your baby in the side kangaroo position you too can enjoy some rest off your feet (this position is used once baby can hold her head up to about 7 months-depending on baby size). I was even able to enjoy lunch out with the girls on a lovely terrace in Le Gardeur while munchkin slept with his head on my shoulder.

That's what babyburrito is all about: making life with your baby always enjoyable, uncomplicated and full of cuddles and 'kiss breaks!".

Our slings fit newborns to a toddler of 32 lbs (around 3 years of age)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Locally made vs Overseas

I am encountering a conundrum about manufacturing here in Quebec. I love Quebec I support local as often as possible, have my organic food basket, I source my fabrics locally (cotton does not grow in Canada) whenever possible and listen to the CBC - ok well that is easy - they play darn good music and I won't be blind sided by some pop song that has been on heavy rotation. Don't get me wrong I like pop music too - but I don't need to hear the same song four times in one day.

My problem is this: I am a small led business who manufactures here in Quebec and I am starting to see why companies shift to overseas production. Here is something I sometimes hear from my retailers: "People love your line but they often say it is expensive- especially when compared to other things in the store made in China". Now I don't thumb my nose at all things made in China, I've been there and I LOVE China. Great food, friendly people and landscapes like no where else. Warning avoid monsoon season.

However, I can't compete with prices from China, nor do I want to. I know that the people I use (locally) are paid fair wages, my fabrics are designer cottons and organic bamboo and organic cotton's. Therefore those things cost a bit more but they do make a difference in the end product.

So my question is "should I stay or should I go?" All I can say is if I do go overseas I will do my research and make sure their business practices are one that I too can support, because the World is getting smaller everyday and I am very aware of the foot print I am leaving behind.

So let me put this question out there for you. How important is locally made and creating jobs here versus saving a buck or two and buying my favorite example "designed in Quebec/or Canada but on the flip of the tag "made in China" ? Something to think about and something I have been thinking a lot about.

Modeling can be a real pain

Had our photo shoot for our babyburrito summer hats up in the Laurentians at my folks place this past May, and if you know the Laurentians you know this is not the most pleasant time of year up there.

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Why you ask? Well out here we have these little nasty bugs called black flies, not only do they bite but they also leave with a little piece of you. Not cottage goodness at its best.

I knew my mission for this photo shoot. "Go in, take as many photo's as I can and GET OUT!!!!!". Especially when you consider I was using my five month old Phoenix as my unassuming and innocent little model. I think we did remarkably well considering all these photo's were taken in ooooh about five minutes (thank you Nikon D90 - money well spent), if you look closely enough you can see those nasty black flies circling his little head. My mom was standing by to swipe them away so do not fear for my child's safety, I had his back covered and would never unnecessarily put him in harms way - bug related or other.

So when looking at our new hats think of little Phoenix and what a trooper he is. I promised him the next photo shoot will be indoors and on a fur rug. He smiled.

Ethical Ocean - Earthy Web Goodness

Trying to do your part for the planet in some shape or form? Try visiting Ethical Ocean - this will be your one stop eco web shopping experience pretty soon. From shoes to beauty products to us, they carry an extensive inventory of eco friendly, socially conscious and/or organic goodness.

This is a new site so please let your environmentally aware and eco conscious friends about this site as well as letting other businesses out there that fit their environmentally friendly mission know about them. Based in Toronto, serving Worldwide. Realizing your purchasing power has a world wide effect is sometimes the first step to bigger and better things. Try window shopping at Ethical Ocean.

Baby on the Hip - our first Toronto store

Just wanted to announce our first store in Toronto this month: "Baby on the Hip". So all you babyburrito Torontonian lovers out there stop by "Baby on the Hip" to find some of our yummyous- is that a word? Well it describes precisely what you will find at this awesome store. Looking for something original for your little originals.
"Baby on the Hip"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning Summer Hats

I was feeling inspired today, got my post pregnancy butt to the gym and did a little roller blade, sun is shining and I am feeling pretty darn good. Hmmm now with all these endorphins drumming through my body I thought I would take a gander at some of my to do list. I have a small selection of gimme shelter hats (bucket or cloche style) from my last collection that are XL (56cm and XXL 58cm) that I want to offer for 10$ of locally made goodness.

Don't let the sizes fool you as they fit 4 year old's to 7+ years old's sitting low on the forehead. Great shade makers!! So with all this sunshine I want to offer them at crazy low prices and start fresh with my new hats coming out next month at 24.99$ Grab one or some up and keep your cuties covered up.

Pictures here: from front to back is blue dot, acoustic, yellow dot and bunny. These fabrics are from the Denyse Schmidt and Michael Miller line no longer available, which is too bad as they are gorgeous fabrics.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sale on babyburrito slings

Jump into Spring with one of our babyburrito slings!

To celebrate the warmer weather and no more baby's in snowsuits (for those of us living out East) we are having our first SALE ever on our babyburrito slings with 10$ off at Le Nid de la Cigogne AND Dans ta Bulle for the month of April!!!

If you are a fan of babywearing or have never done it I highly recommend trying what is out there to see what meets your needs, comforts and tastes . There are many styles available: wraps, mai tai's, or commercial snap em in type styles, and then there are our babyburrito pouch style slings. I tried them all before I realized slings were what I liked best especially for the toddler phase learning to walk. Easy, comfortable and fashionable and fits easily into your purse so you can have it on you all the time. Accessorizing how you wear your baby has never been easier with our vast choice colours and prints. So plunge in!

Know someone who travels a lot? Slings are a great way to leave the stroller at home and make it a stress free voyage, especially if you are traveling alone. Shopping, running errands and or doing things around the house make it a tad easier when you have your hands free again yet maintain a closeness that your baby needs.

Sling Features:

Leg padding (so it does not cut the circulation in baby's legs
Handy pocket
Narrow shoulder (for less bulk)
Quadruple reinforced seams
Woven fabric (giving babies spinal cords the support they need as they grow)
Newborn to 32 pounds
6 positions to carry your growing baby with the same sling.

Sizing is key when buying a sling as you want it to fall between your belly button and hip bone so the weight is centered on your core. You can get this measurement by taking a soft measuring tape and placing it on one shoulder bone and moving diagonally across to your hipbone. A good rule of thumb is to go by your fitted t-shirt size.

Le Nid de la Cigogne (St Viateur) Owners Ingrid and Nahani have high standards

They also carry a wide range of organic fashions both local and imported. So have a gander and then right across the street is St Viateur bagels so treat yourself to a Montreal staple.

A great selection for babywearing- ours are pictured far right.

Dans ta Bulle (Mont Royal) fragrance lover Tvine is the hip soap shop owner

Phoenix- my new burrito- came to work with me

Right now check out the gorgeous window featuring Mayukori's new pillow collection.

So happy trails...


babyburrito hats now on SALE at AppleCheeks!!

Now's your chance to walk away with our Gimme Shelter hats on sale at AppleCheeks

Well it has been a while, and I do have a good excuse. We welcomed our second son, Phoenix Hawthorne, this past January, and here he is in his comfy St Lucia Applecheeks cloth diapers on our black edo minkie blanket (double plug plug ;-):

We have listened to your comments about hats sizes- so this Spring in our new collection you will find newborn sizes as well. Now that I too have a newborn I want to make sure I find some hip choices for his noggin. I did peruse to see what was out there and I must say the choices are pretty dismal, even worse for the lil guys.

Match your babyburrito Gimme shelter hats with an Applecheek cloth diaper and spring into spring with some zing. Psst pass it on!!