Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sale on babyburrito slings

Jump into Spring with one of our babyburrito slings!

To celebrate the warmer weather and no more baby's in snowsuits (for those of us living out East) we are having our first SALE ever on our babyburrito slings with 10$ off at Le Nid de la Cigogne AND Dans ta Bulle for the month of April!!!

If you are a fan of babywearing or have never done it I highly recommend trying what is out there to see what meets your needs, comforts and tastes . There are many styles available: wraps, mai tai's, or commercial snap em in type styles, and then there are our babyburrito pouch style slings. I tried them all before I realized slings were what I liked best especially for the toddler phase learning to walk. Easy, comfortable and fashionable and fits easily into your purse so you can have it on you all the time. Accessorizing how you wear your baby has never been easier with our vast choice colours and prints. So plunge in!

Know someone who travels a lot? Slings are a great way to leave the stroller at home and make it a stress free voyage, especially if you are traveling alone. Shopping, running errands and or doing things around the house make it a tad easier when you have your hands free again yet maintain a closeness that your baby needs.

Sling Features:

Leg padding (so it does not cut the circulation in baby's legs
Handy pocket
Narrow shoulder (for less bulk)
Quadruple reinforced seams
Woven fabric (giving babies spinal cords the support they need as they grow)
Newborn to 32 pounds
6 positions to carry your growing baby with the same sling.

Sizing is key when buying a sling as you want it to fall between your belly button and hip bone so the weight is centered on your core. You can get this measurement by taking a soft measuring tape and placing it on one shoulder bone and moving diagonally across to your hipbone. A good rule of thumb is to go by your fitted t-shirt size.

Le Nid de la Cigogne (St Viateur) Owners Ingrid and Nahani have high standards

They also carry a wide range of organic fashions both local and imported. So have a gander and then right across the street is St Viateur bagels so treat yourself to a Montreal staple.

A great selection for babywearing- ours are pictured far right.

Dans ta Bulle (Mont Royal) fragrance lover Tvine is the hip soap shop owner

Phoenix- my new burrito- came to work with me

Right now check out the gorgeous window featuring Mayukori's new pillow collection.

So happy trails...


babyburrito hats now on SALE at AppleCheeks!!

Now's your chance to walk away with our Gimme Shelter hats on sale at AppleCheeks

Well it has been a while, and I do have a good excuse. We welcomed our second son, Phoenix Hawthorne, this past January, and here he is in his comfy St Lucia Applecheeks cloth diapers on our black edo minkie blanket (double plug plug ;-):

We have listened to your comments about hats sizes- so this Spring in our new collection you will find newborn sizes as well. Now that I too have a newborn I want to make sure I find some hip choices for his noggin. I did peruse to see what was out there and I must say the choices are pretty dismal, even worse for the lil guys.

Match your babyburrito Gimme shelter hats with an Applecheek cloth diaper and spring into spring with some zing. Psst pass it on!!