Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome Flo Urbain and Literie Tou Dou

It has been a while, busy, busy, busy. Wanted to introduce you to two stores you may or may not know of who now carry some of the babyburrito collection. Flo Urbain, going into its first year, they offer cool duds and furniture for your hip offspring. A little known gem as it is off the beaten path. But holy, holy, finally a cool store on the south shore with a worldly appeal and willing to take some risks. Need a great gift that will be something you would never find at Toys R Us, or their own in house modern furniture designs might make you rethink your kiddie's room. The staff of fully bilingual folks are very enthusiastic and eager to help you find exactly what you are looking for. So don't waste your time with all those vanilla (one was mentioned earlier) stores go to this destination, well worth the trip to the south shore.

Another great boutique is Literie Tou Dou, run by Anne, the designer, shop owner, sewer, and go-to cheerful gal. This shop is found on Van Horne and once you enter this moderately sized shop you are first blown away by all the great and never before seen fabrics. I would know I research fabric incessantly and have no idea how she found all these amazing and mostly European fabric companies. Anne picks out other objects that catches her eye- here you will find some dolls from Raplapla- pillows by mayukori- eeshh so many things I have never seen elsewhere and her price point is from very affordable to the higher price point if you are looking for custom literie for your baby/child's bedroom. I highly recommend you visit this store before you buy some bedding for your child, because I can tell you from experience I bought something from one of those big box stores, paid a lot of $$$, and really it is nothing special: some crocodiles and monkey's...I was having a cutesy moment I guess. Go crazy creative and visit Anne she will work with you on designing something completely individual to fit your personal style.

More importantly both these two stores strive to bring locally made merchandise, be it made in Quebec or Canada- love that. So of course I want to tell you all to check out these two stores and see first hand how great they really are.