Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fabric nirvana

Well, sometimes happenstance does bring us to where we need to be. Like in front of a wholesale fabric store that happens to carry some of my favorite fabrics (aka Michael Miller) at insanely cheap prices. I get a little excited around fabric stores- I know I am not alone. I found these two Michael Miller fabrics that were hiding in the clearance section and grabbed them. Sadly, they only had five meters of each so I shall be doing a small run of my baby blankets to be sold exclusively at some of the Craft shows I will be doing this November and December.

Speaking of, I had some good news about being accepted for Souk@Sat today. My first time doing this show, but looking at the line up I can't wait see what the other designers will be selling.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lil' intro

Last week was a great week. Met up with another local designer, Agathe, to give her my scrap fabrics (check out the fabric) and mutually try to motivate each other and share ideas on starting our newly formed businesses. Always nice to chat with other creative souls. I first met her while doing Puces Pop and had to buy one of her head warmers made from recycled sweaters and buttons. I was also truly torn between her broaches, made from recycled fabrics, the hat won out. However, I did walk away with one of her broaches this past week, an early Christmas present to myself. Here are some of her broaches:
She will be doing the Green Christmas at the Biosphere this November 27-30 so go and check out her line if you can. She does clothing too!

P.S. Here is her email as she does not have a web store as of yet. To find out what stores you can buy her goods at, just drop her a note.