Saturday, February 21, 2009

babyburrito Organics have arrived

Before I talk about my new collection I need to share with you a new furniture designer who will be seen at a local shop near you in the future. I don't know about most of you, but I have recently started shopping for a new kitchen table, I did the whole IKEA thing when i moved out 16 years ago and now I want quality, cool design and something that will last. I have a list of things I am looking for, like reclaimed wood, local, no laminates or pressed wood and has to last longer than five years. Well I have come up empty until I saw this designer's latest work. All his designs are originals (with taste running from the 1930's to ultra modern) and he does try to use as much reclaimed wood as he can get his hands on (so if you know of any studios/ companies that just throw out their scraps let him know). He was recently featured in an American magazine's website called FineWoodworking; a furniture designers mecca for up and coming designers. So please check him out as he does mostly custom work.

Did I also mention he is my little brother, Jason Hogan.

I promised my new collection for February and I am happy to give you all a little peek at what will soon be appearing on my web site. I am over the moon happy with how everything turned out.

It was my first time working with a local company of seamstresses and I can be a "little picky" when it comes to quality, so when I first saw the items coming out of the boxes I was:
  • A) very happy
  • B) very, very happy.
Wish my son was still small enough to wear my organic cotton bamboo sleep sacques. The fabric I chose - bamboo-cotton blend - will become more like cashmere the more you wash and dry it, not to mention bamboo's natural wicking abilities which will help babies regulate their temperature and humidity. I chose to do sacques as I found that with my little guy I was constantly buying pyjamas (every week for the first two months) because his feet were huge and did not match the size of the pyjama for his age group. So this design eliminates that problem and the sizing actually allows the baby to wear it longer.

Here are some shots I took of some of my new collection of change pads, sleep sacques with matching receiving blankets and my new line of baby lounge wear of kimonos. Sizes run from 6 months to 4 years for the kimonos, but I will be adding the sizes to 6 years so I can selfishly have my son wear them for a few more years. I want my son to be a big burrito in the school yard.

I have so much to say in this blog that I will be cramming several blogs into this one, so stay with me I promise it will be worth it.

Many thanks go out to the organizer of girl geek dinners last tuesday night. I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya who organizes these really engaging cool soirees for local entrepreneurs. Hosted at maman bébé et café, I finally had the chance to meet Naomi Goldapple (I say finally because our husbands work together - small world), the owner of this innovative mom/dad destination (her business is geared for parents that want to connect with other parents in a setting that is both fun and relaxing). Whether you go for the food, the shopping, the spa or some of the fun classes offered for parents and babies, there is something there for everyone. For a little retail therapy check out Azure Wraps located in her store. They carry these awesome cloth diapers called apple cheeks, offered in almost every colour under the rainbow.

Met Kim Vallée who is one of Montreal's most successful bloggers about lifestyle and trends. Her site is soo great that you'll have to prepare yourself to want to redecorate your house to mimic what she finds for you all over North America. Martha Stewart with an edge and way more appeal. She generously just blogged about my line babyburrito which in turn created a spike in traffic for my site. So big thank you for that. babyburrito can now stamp Italy into its passport (we had a sale to Venice).

Had the chance to reacquaint with old friends too, Josée St-Amand who created a great line of stylish eco friendly bags called Lily&colo. She's has also been instrumental in helping me find many sources when I moved back here from Vancouver. Forget those bags the stores try to sell you, these ones you'll actually want to bring with you to shop.