Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning Summer Hats

I was feeling inspired today, got my post pregnancy butt to the gym and did a little roller blade, sun is shining and I am feeling pretty darn good. Hmmm now with all these endorphins drumming through my body I thought I would take a gander at some of my to do list. I have a small selection of gimme shelter hats (bucket or cloche style) from my last collection that are XL (56cm and XXL 58cm) that I want to offer for 10$ of locally made goodness.

Don't let the sizes fool you as they fit 4 year old's to 7+ years old's sitting low on the forehead. Great shade makers!! So with all this sunshine I want to offer them at crazy low prices and start fresh with my new hats coming out next month at 24.99$ Grab one or some up and keep your cuties covered up.

Pictures here: from front to back is blue dot, acoustic, yellow dot and bunny. These fabrics are from the Denyse Schmidt and Michael Miller line no longer available, which is too bad as they are gorgeous fabrics.