Friday, December 19, 2008

Happening this weekend The Rusty Plum

Go check out my friend Sandra's beautiful jewelery Tatsuko at The Rusty Plum craft fair at:

Saturday, December 20 from 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday, December 21 from 10 AM to 5 PM

The Ukrainian Centre
405 Fairmount West (corner of Hutchison)

Tell me what you thought of her great stuff!



Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post Souk@Sat

Posting this a little late, but I needed more time to recover than I thought I would. It is amazing what happens when you slow down- your body catches up and says it needs some serious couch time.
So onward... here are some of the lines that I shared space with in the baby room. All our lines were so completely different that it really offered a great amount of choice for the baby booming customers.

A nice alternative to using plastic and wondering what is seeping into our kids food when used at a high heat.

This bed set for cribs is by Poids Plume, Catherine offers great aesthetics for the modern parent.

Karine of La puce a L'agonie, offered some truly cute animal ears for the girly girls out there.
For some reason I don't have photo of BIBU bibs. Sorry Andrea, I must have become distracted. Well if you are on the look out for a vintage fabric bibs of smurfs, star wars or other equally rare vintage fabric creations. Contact her for a walk down your memory lane.
And last but not least was Lyne's hand made baby sock ( you can see a photo in a past post) called petit peton.

For those people who asked about the guitar print being made into slings and change pads. Good news-I managed to find 60 meters of it this week and will either be putting into sling/ kimono production or change pad/blanket production. Any suggestions? What does everyone envision them turning into? You can see the guitar print in a past post. I'm partial to a sling and kimono, for all those musician/ rock n roll dads out there. It seems a lot of the men coming to my table wanted a cool sling to carry their baby so stay tuned I picked up some fabric with them in mind and shall do some new models in XL and XXL,as my large size just does not do for the guys out there. I do listen.
These wooden robots were my heavy favorite from the show. A line called TARU. Alexandre, the designer does not have a web site as of yet but you can contact him directly through email. Lucky me his wife, Elsa, is taking one of my slings and trading three of his robots for one.

Here are a few other designers that really caught my eye:

Norwegian wood- designed by Angie, who makes these eye catching owls and pillows that look like logs.
Raplapla- does these amazing dolls that have their own individualities.
Pollen- by Julie, who does these broaches which are like antique lace with appliques on it. Don't quite know how she does it. But her gold fish broaches were cool.
Madara does these stuffed fish with japanese fabrics that would make a gorgeous mobile in a childs room.
Honeyflower was the place to go if wanted something sweet smelling and good for your skin. Picked something up for my son's dry skin. Angela also has a store you should go check out at
54 Duluth ave E. (between St. Laurent and St. Denis)
Montreal, Quebec
Mouvement has a collection of clothes that uses bias tape in satins and natural weaves and turns them into scarves , skirts and coming possibly soon hats...


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 3 Souk@sat

One word. CRAZY!!! This show is a must if you want to buy amazing local designer goods or if you are a designer and want to show and sell your products. Not to mention great people watching. I did not get too much time to mingle and take some shots of some of the great designers as such, I had to stay pretty close to my own enclave, but here is some of what I managed to capture from my neck of the woods.

Kudos goes out to Azamit who has organized this event six years in a row now.

I've also included a little photo of my own table, which is diminishing rather faster than I thought. A good problem to have I know. So everyone who is interested stay tuned for February when I shall launch my new line, also to include kimonos and an organic line.

A great way to end my year. Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello and take away a little babyburrito with them.

And thanks to Nahani and Ingrid who let me take all of my slings out of their store to help my dwindling inventory. Please go check out their great new store at 268 rue St-Viateur ouest. Le Nid de la Cigogne.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 1 Souk@Sat

Well kids- there be talent in there streets of Montreal. I am blown away by what I am seeing at the Souk@Sat, and seriously can't figure out why people still buy mass produced stuff. Seriously people there is so much great stuff out there. Don't you want to pass things on to your grand kids so they too can be on the "Antique Roadshow" and come home rich!!!
Ok I shall post some photo's or video tomorrow of some of the very fine things I saw and will see then. Was a bit overwhelmed with how great everyone's stuff was. Especially this guy who I shall take some photo's of his wooden robots. Gotta have one.... for my kid- yeah it's for my kid. A special thank you goes out to Julia for manning my table as I drooled over all the great stuff I could not buy. Arrghhh
night all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fabric nirvana

Well, sometimes happenstance does bring us to where we need to be. Like in front of a wholesale fabric store that happens to carry some of my favorite fabrics (aka Michael Miller) at insanely cheap prices. I get a little excited around fabric stores- I know I am not alone. I found these two Michael Miller fabrics that were hiding in the clearance section and grabbed them. Sadly, they only had five meters of each so I shall be doing a small run of my baby blankets to be sold exclusively at some of the Craft shows I will be doing this November and December.

Speaking of, I had some good news about being accepted for Souk@Sat today. My first time doing this show, but looking at the line up I can't wait see what the other designers will be selling.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lil' intro

Last week was a great week. Met up with another local designer, Agathe, to give her my scrap fabrics (check out the fabric) and mutually try to motivate each other and share ideas on starting our newly formed businesses. Always nice to chat with other creative souls. I first met her while doing Puces Pop and had to buy one of her head warmers made from recycled sweaters and buttons. I was also truly torn between her broaches, made from recycled fabrics, the hat won out. However, I did walk away with one of her broaches this past week, an early Christmas present to myself. Here are some of her broaches:
She will be doing the Green Christmas at the Biosphere this November 27-30 so go and check out her line if you can. She does clothing too!

P.S. Here is her email as she does not have a web store as of yet. To find out what stores you can buy her goods at, just drop her a note.