Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PJ Design Contest!!!!

Hello all,

I'm having a hard time coming up with a Christmas theme for my new line of X-Mas PJs (organic cotton/bamboo blend). The fabric is red (duh) and the sleepers look like the photo below:
So I figured I'd open a contest to all the great graphic designers out there; do a little bit of crowdsourcing :-). The winner will get a PJ with their design on it.

The contest ends October 5th 2009.

Send your submissions to info@babyburrito.ca.

Good luck to all

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My son's jungle themed bedroom-phase I

I hate white walls- or rather I like colour and after living in our new house for two years it was way past time to do my son's all white room. Being pregnant probably has something to do with it too. Why is it when we are pregnant we HAVE to do all these do or die projects before the birth. I am not alone- you know who you are. You should see my to do list of last minute projects I hope to accomplish before the birth of my next son.

Note to parents planning to paint their child's room- never ask them what they would like painted on their walls. Sadly I did not heed my own advice as I did ask my son and guess what I am painting? A jungle theme with a pirate captain in a ship-aka my son and to also include an island of friendly dinosaurs. So two weeks into it this is where i am at and I am in negotiations with my three year old to leave out the dinosaurs and put in the wild things from "Where the wild things are". I feel more confident in my ability to paint the wild things over the dinosaurs and a great book.

So here are the first peeks of the jungle room. Considering I have not painted in ohhhh four years I was pleasantly surprised.