Sunday, July 5, 2009

My new japanese slings are in...finally

The funny thing about this great new sling having center stage is that they are the slings on my packaging-that without my knowing became very, very, very back ordered. So this is the first time they are available and I must say they are my favorites.

This fabric reminds me of fabrics I saw in Japan on my many travels. I used to pick up a variety of handkerchiefs because the fabrics they use are so beautiful. The Japanese have a way of weaving that seems to be really a style of their own.
Well enough about Japan- you should go- my latest addition of fabric for my pouch style sling will keep even the chicest gal ahead of the curve. not only is carrying your baby easy, it really helps promote a bond with your child that helps nurture a confidence and interaction with the world around them.
If ever you have question regarding babywearing I am more than happy to answer any and all questions because I believe in it that much. Yadda yadda I know. If you want to try one of my slings out to see if it is right for you I am in two lending libraries in Montreal. One is through Calins et Popotin and the other is through emporte moi. It is important to try many different carriers to find the right one for you.
All I know is I wanted minimum fuss (no tying or buckles) and something that would be fashionable (reversible) and not too granola. Sizing goes with your t-shirt size. Easy,easy,easy.

So without further ado here is the latest and greatest babyburrito sling. We are also offering free shipping over all orders of $50 so enjoy. Please send me some photo's too of you and your baby- would love to start a babyburrito ablum.