Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interview with BESO TV

I am super excited about tomorrow and my little interview with Beso Tv. They want to see my studio and ask me about my inspiration for babyburrito and what drives me. I am kinda giddy because I remember being a little girl and always wanting to be a fashion designer and would see designers on TV being questioned about "what inspired you?" And designers would pull these off the wall inspirations for their said collections. I thought yeah wow!
The truth is when I think of what inspires me I realize it's my sons, children books, art history, art, Asia- especially Japan- the internet, culturally diverse clothing, traveling and own my imagination, you do realize that one idea starts and forms another and another and before you know it you are 180 degrees from where you started but it is now your very own.
I love what I do, I want to do it more and more often. So I guess I just want to say thank you to all those people and stores out there who like what I do and have a little babyburrito in their lives. From one dreamer to another.