Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 3 Souk@sat

One word. CRAZY!!! This show is a must if you want to buy amazing local designer goods or if you are a designer and want to show and sell your products. Not to mention great people watching. I did not get too much time to mingle and take some shots of some of the great designers as such, I had to stay pretty close to my own enclave, but here is some of what I managed to capture from my neck of the woods.

Kudos goes out to Azamit who has organized this event six years in a row now.

I've also included a little photo of my own table, which is diminishing rather faster than I thought. A good problem to have I know. So everyone who is interested stay tuned for February when I shall launch my new line, also to include kimonos and an organic line.

A great way to end my year. Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello and take away a little babyburrito with them.

And thanks to Nahani and Ingrid who let me take all of my slings out of their store to help my dwindling inventory. Please go check out their great new store at 268 rue St-Viateur ouest. Le Nid de la Cigogne.


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