Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Modeling can be a real pain

Had our photo shoot for our babyburrito summer hats up in the Laurentians at my folks place this past May, and if you know the Laurentians you know this is not the most pleasant time of year up there.

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Why you ask? Well out here we have these little nasty bugs called black flies, not only do they bite but they also leave with a little piece of you. Not cottage goodness at its best.

I knew my mission for this photo shoot. "Go in, take as many photo's as I can and GET OUT!!!!!". Especially when you consider I was using my five month old Phoenix as my unassuming and innocent little model. I think we did remarkably well considering all these photo's were taken in ooooh about five minutes (thank you Nikon D90 - money well spent), if you look closely enough you can see those nasty black flies circling his little head. My mom was standing by to swipe them away so do not fear for my child's safety, I had his back covered and would never unnecessarily put him in harms way - bug related or other.

So when looking at our new hats think of little Phoenix and what a trooper he is. I promised him the next photo shoot will be indoors and on a fur rug. He smiled.

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