Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Sling Sale!!!

For all you bodacious babes and proud papas, we're offering our XL and XXL slings for an incredibly low price of $29.99. Head over to Etsy to purchase them. Enjoy summer hands free!

Yes the sale of all sales is finally here on our web store. We've slashed our sling prices from 74.99$ to 64.99$ for the summer months. So pick one up and see how easy it makes running errands with your little bundles as well as getting stuff done in your homes. I especially use mine when I am running in and out of my car as it can be a real upset for my son, once in the sling all the jostling is long forgotten as the cuddles replace a car seat.

One thing I have noticed that is hard to find in a carrier is one that allows you to sit down while your baby is in it. Well I am happy to say if you place your baby in the side kangaroo position you too can enjoy some rest off your feet (this position is used once baby can hold her head up to about 7 months-depending on baby size). I was even able to enjoy lunch out with the girls on a lovely terrace in Le Gardeur while munchkin slept with his head on my shoulder.

That's what babyburrito is all about: making life with your baby always enjoyable, uncomplicated and full of cuddles and 'kiss breaks!".

Our slings fit newborns to a toddler of 32 lbs (around 3 years of age)

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