Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas in October

Here is a little lookie lookie at my Winter/Christmas snowperson snowglobe sleepsack now available, worn by my lil'guy Phoenix- he's entered the work force ;-) He looks so darn cute if I do say so myself, and I most certainly do! Call me biased.

In our household we have a tradition of getting the boys a Christmas pajama every year, so I decided to make sure I offered something festive at babyburrito for this coming snowy season. As it is also Phoenix's first Christmas.

What's great about our sleepers is the fabric is organic cotton and bamboo-giving it a soft touch similar to cashmere, also offering quick diaper change solutions as well as little mittens to keep them from scratching themselves. Great ease of movement within the sack- even those crawling or walking babies can still scoot around if you just rise the elastic from the hem to sit on their hips. Easy in and out with the kimono style opening for those messy changes- nothing needs to go over their head. Created right here in Quebec - trying to ease our carbon footprint - one step at a time.

The little snow globe is filled with a snow person hugging another baby snow person. Tis the season to show love and affection- so go and hug another snow person(well in a few months maybe)- or better yet a real person/baby- much warmer. Have yourself a merry day from babyburrito.

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