Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother entrepreneurs that inspire me

Well I thought for this mother's day I would talk about some people who have happily entered my life some through my business and some through nature (my mom).

Two gals I admire for their chutzpah in business and ecological values, are Nahani and Ingrid of Le Nid de la Cigognne.

A store that carries organic products and/or local made products. They opened their store this past year and were the first store to take on the babyburrito fant-a-bulous line. Shameless plug. We have grown a lot together this past year and they continue to encourage me to not only maintain my made in Canada principles but always love my choices in fabrics. Did I mention they are also moms too. They do do it all. If you are looking for a great eco friendly or locally made baby gift this is the one stop shopping experience for you.

Here is another mom/entrepreneur/buyer/pregnant lady, Amy from Faon on St. Denis Street, is one of those people whom you meet and you feel like you have known forever.

Amy has this great store on a hip street in Montreal that not only has fashion forward clothes for little lassies but also has a great selection for the lads too. Someone who takes chances which is a refreshing change. Looking for something out of the ordinary that you won't want to pass on to your friends, try Faon on st Denis.

I always like happenstance meetings and I had one at the Salon Maternite this year when I happily met Isabelle of bébé d'abord.

A massage therapist who not only has a little one of her own but is expecting another one soon too. I find it fascinating women who do it all- an d with passion, and this woman has that in spades. So if you are looking for a massage, pregnant or not she is your gal.

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