Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom entrepreneurs that inspire me part II

Someone new to me - well rather I knew of her through several forms of six degrees of separation, is Ilana (mom of two) joint owner/creator of Apple Cheeks (cloth diapers) or perhaps you know her store Azure Wraps, part of Montreal's very successful "Maman, Bébé et Café".

I thought I was busy with my business and working but then I think of Ilana ,who shares Azure Wraps with her business partner Amy (mom too). These two gals do it all and I watch in wonder and take notes. I am sure we will see their company follow in the footsteps of the Robeez company, but for now I happily can ask them my newbie questions and they generously offer advice and ideas.

One cannot talk about Azure Wraps and not mention Maman, Bébé et Café, the innovative cafe for moms to gather, shop, eat, dance and mingle. Naomi's business has been emulated all over town and perhaps even further, but there can only be one original. Did I mention she has three kids.

One mom who was integral to helping me out when I moved back to Quebec from Vancouver was Josee St Amand, of Lily&colo. Trying to find all new sources is tough, and I was simply given her name one day, called her up and she hasn't stopped sharing and giving advice since then. Her business, of hip, practical bags for on the go, has really takien off. So if you want another fashionable yet Eco friendly option to carrying your groceries go check out her on line store.

So when I have one of those days when their is just not enough hours in the day, I take a deep breath and do what I can with passion and get inspiration from some of these local ladies, who yes work hard and are mothers, whether they know it or not they keep me on track and motivate me to think bigger and surpass the proverbial glass ceiling. Take a look at this great city - or wherever you may be. The knowledge and friends you can gather at your very fingertips is truly inspiring.

Happy Mother's day all

thanks ladies,

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