Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going The Extra Mile

I have to share a really great experience I recently had of someone going over and beyond my expectations. It seems small but when you are developing a business and have time issues and are trying to get marketing, production, packaging, web sites and catalogs all done withing a short amount of time, it can sometimes feel daunting. So when someone helps you out and exceeds expectations I think praise is needed. I love to get compliments so I assume other people do too.

While I am revamping my packaging needs for my slings. Janice and Viola of Kwik Kopy were so great with giving me options in different price brackets and taking time to show me exactly how each sample would look. It seems small but I find so often people don't take the time anymore and when you are starting a business any mistakes that can be missed is huge for a small run business like my own.

So if you are in Montreal and need someone to help you out in printing I highly recommend this company for personal service that is so lacking in this day and age.


Hisako said...

Nice post, and so good to hear that great customer service still exists! Do they have a location here on the South Shore?

Lianne Hogan said...

No unfortunately- but I had to write something about them because it was really over the top amazing.