Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tanya Zaleski Photographer Extraordinaire

Here are some of the shots from the photo shoot-let's just say working with toddlers and infants around nap time and snack time can been challenging. Kudos to Tanya who does this for a living. Hope you like our little tea party for Spring.Thanks to the two great moms for displacing themselves on this rainy day.

Above is Melissa and my sling muse and super awesome baby boy-name excluded for privacy- call him doe eyes. Here are the shots from the shoots-let me know what you all think. Need to make some posters this week.
A keeper for sure.

You may start seeing this cutie pie more and more on my site- he is my new muse and happy go lucky lil boy. Melissa you are a lucky girl to have such a sweetie.

Here are the other two little munchkins who had a great time, especially when the oatmeal cookies came out. Lost count at five cookies.

Here is the sleep sack on my little 15 month old model-let's call him speedie- the sleep sack is versatile as your child grows and can be rolled up onto the waist like an elastic waist band pant, allowing your child to motor around freely.

I can touch my toes mom!!!
Who you lookin at? Love our new sleep sacks- so roomy so no toes will pop out. Bamboo is such a great fabric, keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in cooler temperatures. auto regulating. It also wicks away moisture and offers UV protection.

Here is the original babyburrito- he is getting to be such a big boy. Time for another lil babyburrito.

Stay tuned as I update this crazy week before my next big show for Salon Maternite- should be fun.
lianne head honcho


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Cute photos!
I esp. love the ones taken from above looking down on your changing pad and sleep sack. You can see the products very well.

Brad and Melissa Mellette said...

Lianne! I just got to see these pictures and read your newer blog posts. The pictures turned out so great! Thanks for your comments on my little munchkin. It has been so fun and I'm quite impressed with your work.

Hisako said...

It was great seeing you at the fair today. Check out my blog where I wrote about you, too! Love Tanya's work. Your stall was beautiful and now I have another place to shop for baby gifts / showers.